Saturday, October 31, 2009

everybody say yeaaaah ;D


Hi anis, i nak cerita kat you ni ;p
okay hahaha

so yesterday,at 4 pm me and my sister wants to go to the AAR's cncrt.

so,we went to niena's house,then elle's house and then we met abg naz.
so,we went to bukit jalil,it wassssssssssss AWESOME!
okay so,letme tell you that AAR WAS AWESOOMEEE. TYSON WAS SOOO SEXAAAAY :D
i swear,he was so sexaay and cute (: and the guitarist too (: hihi

so omg,i think we were like,beratur kat luar tu for half an hour but once we get in there,i was like so happy then i called aqbar,but heh my phone mcm rosak or habis battery idk so takboleh lepak dgn aqbar.haha

okay so,me,niena,elle,she,elle's brther and abg naz mcm nk tolak semua org and went to the front but elle,me and niena je yg dpt.she and the others idk where they are masatu. haha
so elle,me and niena was like mcm depan and hella it was great. oh the way kterang nk prgi depan tu i saw natasha iman and i said hi (: haha,so me,niena and elle teruskan perjalanan till the front. hihi

local bands was okay. that bunkface's vocalist is cute for sure :D
so we waited for AAR. so around 10 AAR went to the stage and i was screaming like hell.
he is so sexay and cute and hot and handsome. he touched me ;') omg,so i sang out loud and screaming till i was so tired. so i decided to buy a drink. so me and niena went out from the crazy crowd. oh yes, at first they were like pushing and pushing. ugh. but then it was awesome.
you should see tyson,he was like soo sexyyyyyyyyy (: haha. the way he dance, the way the talks, the way he sing. like omgosshhh haha ;p

i met ze cousin (:

so we went home, eh so i met aqbar and said hi. i saw hezrin and his frnds tooo. so we sent niena to her house. and then,we ate at star. i met nabihah and her sister (:
so we went home at almost 2. (: i was tired.

bytheway,niena bought for me the the AAR limited edition tshirt (: thnks yo. i will upload the pictures laterrrr.

so yeah .goodbye peeps :D

i will upload the pictures soon (:

Friday, October 30, 2009

beautiful nightmare

hi,i hate you.please go away. dont talk to me you idiot!
*btw,im not mad at you shakila -.-'

okay so whatever.exam was hard.i mean,geo was hard. yes,very hard. and the good news is, final exam is finally over and im going to AAR's cncrt (: im going yeah. but heh,masalah transport. -.-

okay so,im not in the mood now because of some fcking prblms. ugh -.-' sorry.

bye (:

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

nelly yuki :D

look at the picture. its nelly and blair! omg,nelly :D *winkwink
its my name,okay ejaan tak sama but when you say it,it will be the same.get it? haha. im so proud. lol. taylor momsen,my idol said my name. :D

okay exam was hard! VERY HARD. SO HARD. %^$&#&@%&&#!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

gosh i miss you

hello everybody (:
so yesterday i went to momokthemovie's open house with that fusionexcel yeah,i had lotsa fun i so went there around 2.30 and sat with faizal because mummy is so busy so sarah,me and babysha lepak with usual,faizal hugged and kissed babysha -.- and babysha was like mcm so gedik. haha wth.

we ate and mummy was like mcm so gedik as usual,she sat with her friends and left us alone. ish,so sarah and me found an empty table so we ate our food. so went into the room for majlis pemberian hadiah kpd pemenang balbalbalbala.i took some pictures because papa told me too. haha lol. so i met Dilla,my sister so we took some pictures . so here are the pictures:

oh cuba tgk the guy yg pki baju biru tu,its anis's boyf.hahah

oh meet faizal a.k.a abang adlin.haha lol

so anyways,the final exam is next week! omagosh and i havent study yet! geeez, i hve to study. so maybe i wont online that much. I GUESS. haha.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

double dutch

eh so i went to school today.suprisingly -.-' haha,so oh shakila tak prgi sklh so i walked to schl with khaysha and ain. ;D haha.haha.aha.hahhahhahaha. okay sooo,bm and bi tak belajar because cikgu takde i think diorang prgi jaga pmr for other we talked and talked. oh hm so,so so so PJK! ahaha as usuaaallll,we played basketball.and ofcourse the girl's team menang kaaan ;D haha. haha kesian udin. lol .
so geo,oh and geo i went to bilik guru nak tlg ain oh and ofcourse lah nk skip kelas geo ;) haha. anis and khaysha ponteng,haha firsly diorang prgi bilik guru konon-kononnya nak tlg kitorang but hehe mcm ramai sgt so i think diorang mcm takut so diorang pergi jalan jalan. haha then 5 mins later aiman and amil dtg bilik guru then ketuk tingkap bilik guru and said
aiman: eh,cikgu panggil diorang masuk kelas.anis and khaysha,nbhh. haha.
but we dont know khaysha and anis prgi mana. so nbhh masuk kelas,oh pandai alasan you nbhh,bagus ;D haha.
okay so sej,we talked since the teacher prgi suruh boys angkat meja semua. so we talked about that group yg 3line shisha Fa****** pakcikcarlos nenek/moyang
haha, i laughed a lot. so oh and cikgu kasi upah dkt the boys because diorang tolong angkat menja semua so they were mcm
udin:OKAY! sorg dpt 4.25 sen!(siap guna calculator)
haha,they were like so excited and so aiman and afif when to the canteen nk tukar duit kecik nak dibahagikan.haha
haha so,MATHS,omg i was like mcm takut gila because tak siap byk gila kerja -.-' okay but luckily pn kok tak minta buku .fiuuuuh. haha and suddenly aiman masuk kelas using the back door and said
aiman:ASSALAMUALAIKUM,dengan air milo dkt tangan dia -.-
oh and that time i was laughing like hell,pn kok is our mcm cikgu yg garang or like whatsoever so aiman was like mcm cuak gila.haha.soo
teacher: eh aiman,kamu beli air bukan waktu rehat!
and suddenly afif lari and masuk kelas with air milo dkt tgn jugak.haha!
afif and aiman: alaa,cikgu kitorang penat...
teacher: alaah!ini takesah demerit jugak!
aiman: alaa cikgu,kitorang penat tadi angkat meja sume,eh cikgu air ni saya beli untuk udin!
teacher: ala takde,demerit jugak!
afif:*lupalah apa dia memebebel*
aiman: alaa cikgu ok ok la,saya buang sekarang jugak,
so dia gantung air tu dkt something.
teacher:haih kamu ni tau tak lepas pj pun tak boleh beli air*blablablalbalblalblalbla*
teacher: ok,saya nak mulakan sekarang,so please!
aha,it was so funny! so luckily i think aiman and afif tak kena demerit.haha.
haha so balik sekolah
er..balik rumah. OH HOME SWEET HOME! -.-'
okay so someone is getting older! haha KHAYSHAAAAAA! HAPPY 14TH BIRTHDAY !



ngeheee,happy birthday<3>

so inilah khaysha yang lawa.haha lol.happy birthday,ily (: sorry fr eveything khaysha!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

oh no

oh no! dah mula sihat harini but im like so stupid pergi minum coke and makan ice-cream semua so dah mula batuk kuat balik -.-' i hope i can go to khaysha's open house tomorrow (:

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

i wanna

*tyson is sooo cute*

hi hi hi hi,
so you guys dah tahukan cncrt AAR postponed kaan? mcm i was so sad bllablablablabla.
so today i received a msg from digi:

The All-American Rejects is back! the concert is postponed to 31/10 @ car park A,bukit jalil stadium.Pls keep yr tckt to enter.
The DiGi Music LIVE concert has a new date and venue! The All-American Rejects is going to rock the stage on Saturday, 31 October 2009 at Car Park A of Bukit Jalil National Outdoor Stadium at 6pm. The band has kept their promise to return and reverted with a new date within days of the postponement announcement. Customers, who have collected their free concert tickets, do not need to exchange them for new ones; they can use the current ticket to attend the concert. All DiGi Music Unlimited customers are encouraged to get their tickets now before it’s too late!
Important Notice: Customers who have collected their free concert tickets, do not need to exchange them for new ones. The current ticket can be used to attend the concert at the new location and date.
so yeay! okay haha bye.cant wait to meet tyson ritter! his mine.muahahahhah .lol

Monday, October 5, 2009


hi hi hi. haha,as you can see from the picture above,oh yes im sick ;( seriously sick.okay haha. so tak pergi sekolah for already 2 days.they said,there's a new girl in our welcome. blablabla,oh oh and i dont know why,i really really nak prgi sekolah. hahaha. i miss my friends i guess. hahaha. okay so,
happy birthday to you nadia eleena (: i miss you <3

oh oh and currently im watching GOSSIP gtg.ciao

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Saturday, October 3, 2009

my life would suck without you

hi hi hi.

so today i went to niena's open house.
so went to niena's open house with shakila. then it was like mcm RAMAI gila org.
oh and i was like so shy,so i called niena and she was like 'you,you masuk je jangn malu.i kat depan ni! cepat cepat!'' okay.
haha,so it was like mcm penuh and then met yasmin,iylia and alia.oh and khaysha.oh and ain too -.-' haha.we ate,and then took some pictures.and we watched some funny videos was funny oh..oh and so went home,oh and niena's dad gave us duit raya. oh banyak oh. okay so thnks uncle ;D

haha,so tomorrow im going to khaysha's open house.
next saturday,raihani's openhouse and next sunday im going to azmina's open house.

oh,exam nak dekat ;( ok so i hve to go out next week since sekolah cuti sbb pmr. yeay.

oh and AAR's concert has been posponed. ;( crap. I LOVE YOU TYSON!

will upload the pictures in myspace :D

so ciao. oh and visit this blog: