Friday, April 9, 2010


Sunday, March 7, 2010


exam was okay i guess. english was easy. history was not ok. lol yeslah tak baca langsung for sejarah. hahaha.

yesterday was fun. went out cycling with khysha. it was fun. at 5.30 we saw shakila. haha. and then met nabihah. and then hujan we sat under this pondok at usj 18. aqbar,aqmarur and abu sat with us. we talked a lot. ish i was shy? no not really i was a little bit macam malu sbb aqbar cant stop teasing me. -___- ok so still hujan,at 7 we went back home.we walked in the rain. it was fuuun !! haha. well tomorrow is monday,exam bm and agama. wish me luck! ;)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

saturday - went to taipan with niena. garden. we talked a lot. this pondan guy came to us and asked niena to take his pictures. lol stupid. it was very funny okay. hahahahahhaha

sunday - did nothing. p/s : fuck,it hurts a lot okay.

monday - wooo,school (: i love school .okay now it is not because ada that guy, im starting to hate that guy. ish stupid. okay woooooooo,they didnt bring the class key! woo and all my books were inside my classroom! lol. okay first subject,bm, pn sharifah asked us to go to laluan bestari. hahaha. it was okay lol. and then maths,uggh i hate you teacher. she asked us to go bilik APD which in the fourth floor and then turun balik and then naik atas sekali. she scolded us pulak tu. most of them tk bwk buku haha. okay and then sej semua cikgu tak datang it was fun. haha.

accept for agama,ustazah came. i dont really like her. lol.

tuesday- nothing much happened. went to the park with aida. talked with her for hours. i told her everything.haha. it was okay.

wednesday which is today - it was fun! haha nothing much happened at school. except for pjk it was FUUN. haha seriouly,we played baseball ke apa tah haha and it was fun.the first time i tried,and i dpt apa tu home run? haha :D exam is on friday.fuck . i tak belajar langsung lagi okay. and oh pmr. shitttt. i hatee exams. siapa suka? hahahaha. ok so khysha came to my house at 4.30 was fun. i had fun. lol.we went to usj 18 and race. eh i mean,lumba basikal. hahaha. oh and guess what? i wooonn :D hahahhaaha lol.the at 5,we went to the park. met niena and shakila. went to 7E. went to 13,met abu and aqmarur.blabla and then we cycled lol. and then we went to the park. shakila borrowed aqmarur's bike. heck yeah it was fun! :)

well i had fun. hahaha. so then i went back home at 7. and now here i am. hahaha

p/s : eeeee i hate you

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

hello. Assalamualaikum

haha. okay so yeah last night i went to star with my sister.hahahhahaha. at first we wanted to buy apa namanya char kuey teow haha if im not mistaken,but then i wanted to shishaaaa. lol.

so yeah i shisha-ed. ok lol. it was stupid -.- memalukan. haha no,i was like mcm pening kepala kan so then my sister nk blik masa tgh pening kepala tahi kau. haha.

so i cant barely walk! hahahahahahha. stupiiiiidddd, haha maluuuuuuuu -.- ok haha so mcm high bila balik rumah. ok setuupiiiddd. ok hahaahhahahaha.

i wanted to go out with aida afiqah toddaay to garden, haha but mcm my frnds tk boleh prgi so we canceled our plan.

so yeah,its 3.30 now and i havent took my bath yet. still wearing my kain sekolah. bye,nak mandi. ;D

hm i decided to write about everything that happened last week. haha

okay so my family and i went to was okay i guess. fun. ok. hm nothing interesting hppened. i took lots of picture but yeah im too lazy nk upload. hehe

okay whatever so on friday,went to uone.played futsal. it was fun,thnks shakilala (: haha.
oh there were this guy and ohmygod he was fucking annoying. yes,FUCKING ANNOYING haha but well anis likes him a lot :P

so theree wereee shakila,azmina,me,anis,niena,hazzwani,inna,nabihah,iylia and her sister ,yasmin,aida,aqbar, amir,aqmarur,hakiimi,faris,muhammad and his friend,hilman. thats all je kan if im not mistaken? haha it was fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun :)

will upload the pictures in the next post!

Monday, February 22, 2010

srry hehehe.
okay so yeah. im toooo lazy to update this blog lol.
okay so,

oh oh oh,meet my new boyf !
oh oh but still ed westwick is my husband so heh cam is my boyfriend. ;p

omg,you're so hot. im addicted to yoooooooou.haha wtf. you'reeee sooo cuteeee!

omg omg,look at his eyes ! and his cute baby face! ;p

omg omg,his bodddyyyy *meltsomg omg omg,i loveeeeeeee you! omg ,i know he is the hottest guy ever and his mine! oh and ed,you're the hottest guy too ;p

BACK OFF BITCHES,HIS MINE! muahahahhaha ;p

p/s : i know im crazeeeeehhhhhhhh

Saturday, February 13, 2010


hm so yesterday i woke up at uh around 9.30.
called shakila yadayadayada and then took my bath,my sister sent me and shakila to sunway.
met aida afiqah and emil. hahahahaha.walk with aida and shakila.
met attierah and her sister.

met shakila's cousin. hahhaha. and then we went to burger king.
aida,attierah and her sister tgk movie but me and shakila malas so kterang jalan jalan.
met khysha at around 2.
went to forever 21.met syasya and intan. hugged her.

hahaha. and then met aqbar and his friends.
and then khysha went home at around 3.
ate baskin robbins,
took pictures at photobooth!

yadayada yada,met aqbar again. haha shakila belanja dia baju. lol
hahaha at around 5.30 my sister ambik and then we went home.

oh read shakila blog kalau nak tahu what happened -.- *

and then went to the park.khysha came. shakila went home and then abu and aqmarur came.
and then we went home.