Tuesday, September 29, 2009

i love you,but i cant

hey peeps.second post. so yeah.i was bored and she suruh bukak this website: www.morphthing.com haha and yeah: its like macam you letak gamba laki and perempuan ,muka lah then nanti keluar gamba anak you lol.haha


so ini anak i dgn penn badgley.hahahhaahaha. COMEL. lol.hehe.

oh ini anak i dgn ed westwick.tgk hidung pun dah tahu its ed's nose.hahaha.

oh oh ini dgn chace. COMEL lah jugak ;p

oh ini dgn channing tatum.COMEL laaaaaaah <3

he left me for another lady

*lama tak update blog,hihi
okay so HI (:
sorry lama tak update blog.okay hihi
sooo,raya was okay,oh no wait,screw that! raya was boring! ugh.duit raya sangat sikit.oh this year raya kat kampung dulu so,best lah sikit (: okay haha
so whatever,oh went to nabihah's open house.it was fun,great.
ok so here are the pictures: (raya and nabihah's open house)

*oh and cant wait for gossip girl tonight! ;D

Friday, September 18, 2009

hey hi


away for 4 daaayss. kampung (:
so,selamat hari raya maaf zahir dan batin (:
forgive me for all my mistakes (:
duit raya jgan lupa ;p
p/s:whoever watch momokthemovie please ignoreee my face please.or takyah tengok pun.lol


heeeey.just got back from sunway pyramid.shopping kasut raya.so went to sunway at 2?
saw nuh at usj 4,then he followed us to sunway,okay so went to f21,i bought a headband. i bought it sbb nak pki with my baju kurung.haha.okay whatever,so i saw Ain dkt f21. heh,i miss you.
then cari lah kasut.omagosh,im so tired.then i've found the perfect one!



one more day till raya!

Thursday, September 17, 2009



i tak puasa cause im sick.so school was fine but i was sick,sooo hm yeah,but i hve to go to schl to complete my folio Kh.so walked to school with shakila,yadayadayada we thought only 8 people came to school,our class lah.so went to bilik masakan for kh,only 3 people in our group and the others are in pn leong's group so suddenly rabiatul,raihani and fatin came in.so that makes 6 people in our group. so went into class after KH,shakila anis and i tak puasa,so masa BI we ate so many mentos. okay lol, then shakila bought for me Tinge and i finished the whole botel in almost 1 minute,so during recess,me and shakila called our mom and tell them that we were sick. so they picked us up during science in the lab. firstly,that guy came into the lab and called 'NurShakila' and i was like alaaaaah,then 5 minutes later the guy came into the lab again and called'Siti Nayli Yusrina' i was happy of course,it was sooo bored and im sick. so i saw babysha and my mom at pejabat.oh babysha is my sister.so went home.then my mom was like' ha,dua dua sakit,awk sakit,shakila pun sakit.mummy masuk tadi,jumpa shakila nak balik' haha.

shakila shakila.

so went home,sleep zzzz.one more day before raya. geez,this year tak excited langsung and i dont know why.okay so tomorrow on saturday,balik kampung.yeay.
so the time now is 6.17 am. and im so sleepy but i cant sleep.ZZzZz
okay so,currenly im studying Japanese! hah,it is so interesting.the words. ah.haha


SELAMAT HARI RAYA MAAF ZAHIR DAN BATIN! so please Forgive me for all my mistakes.. oh and jangan malu malu nak kasi duit raya lol. okay so byeee.

p/s: whoever yg tengok Momok the Movie in the cinema raya nanti,pleasee ignore my ugly face.haha.like mcm bodoh gila -.-' okay if you guys dont know,i malu dgn camera.so ofcourse lah my face mcm orang gila -.-' okay pleaseee ignoreee my face. haha

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


will update more soon.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

theres nothing else i can say.

awww,sooo cute <3

haha okay.school was okay,im so so tired. stupid school.okay.ish.okay.ok peeps,dnt frgt to visit this blogshop: www.shopherepeople.blogspot.com

Saturday, September 5, 2009


okay tak bangun sahur tadi,eh actually bgn sekejap but i minum je cause my mom lambat bgn then dia buat maggi but since i tak makan maggi so i takmakan lah.haha.okay whatever.
then im so tired plus sleepy kan,suddenly pagi tu faris call.
nayli: hello?
faris: halo halo halo halo halloo
nayli: -.- hello! apa kau nak?
faris: tadi you order 2 loti canai kan?
nayli: huh?
faris: lo orger roti canai kan?
faris+his friends: HAHAHAHHAHAHA
faris: ni bukan farissss laaa..haha.kata order roti canai,lu order kan?
nayli: bongok
then i terus letak phone.okay i wasss soo sleepy then die pergi kacau pulak.
hahaa.bodo.okay whatever.haha. haih,im hungrrryyy.rawr.okay lol
oh and i really really want to watch the final destination,aiyo..
maybe tmrrow on monday,boleh lah kot.siapa nak teman? oky lol.whatever.
shut up nayli shut up.
okay bye -..-

taylor momsen

heyy. oh and uuumyygooooosh,i LOVE YOU TAYLOR MOMSEN.
it doesnt mean i like girls or what,she's so hot. look at her,she knows everything about fashion.
look at her,like omg,i loveeee her style oh.oh and look at her jeans,first picture!

this picture,short dress with a leather jacket i thiinnkk.SO HOT


so hooot.

shes my fashion icon ;D

Friday, September 4, 2009

whaat the hell?

okay so i was bored and then i baca blog nadia eleena. so she said yg dia ada bukak this online chatting website.so i open the website since i am bored.

so i chat dgn RAAAMAAAI org. okay so everyone is being so nice to me except ada one african guy ni:

you: so where are you from? im malaysian,im fourteen
stranger:cept im african,39 and male
stranger:you're asian
stranger:asian are gay!
you:no we're not
stranger:yes.i can say that
stranger:through your gayness
you: WHAT? im not gay,and im asian.
stranger: i can know that you're gay and there are so many of asian are gay.much of them.
you: ok.whatever bye.!

okay,he's evil.im not gay.okay stupid guy.hahahha.


i selesema ;( peniiingggg. and my stupid effing internet sgt lembab and i went to school after almost 2 weeks i cuti,haha.jumaat baru datang. okay,im sick tau bukan ponteng. school was okay today,3 jam je kan.maths,gosh! ey teacher,you give us banyak gila homework maths tau,and i still tak faham chapter ni -.-' okay then agama,okay biasa je la boring lah.okay then pergi library for geo,nilam and sivik. it was okay. bercakap-cakap dgn yasmin,niena and khayhsa.we talked about hot guys,movies,games,haha.okay and then balik la.

so yesterday,hantar sadiq and qis balik asrama.okay so about 1pm mcmtu bertolak pergi muar dulu,then hntr kiss.and then prgi Johor Bharu,dahla jauh okay so,berbuka puasa dgn sadiq dkt danga bay.okay so,hntr sadiq blik asrama so balik. okay then smpi rumah around 3 am? and now im so so so so effing tired.

and on wednesday,went to 'the mines' for press preview yg momok the movie.it was okay. okayla it was kinda fuuuuuuuuuun ;D okay will talk about it as soon as i got the pictures.
sorry i tulis mcm boring cause pening kepala yg teramat sangat,

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

sugar! moreee sugar!

hello !

okay so last night,i watched 'gossip girl'
currently im soo addicted to 'Gossip Girl'
oh nate is so stupid,the girl is so not pretty and poor Dan humphrey.haha.

(in this picture,chace crawford looks ugly!)

ok about my previous previous post,i think chace crawford is still so cute and hot but sometimes,i do think he's gay.haha.okayyy,so hm,im bored and im playing the sims ;D im not going to school today sooo bye shakila,pergila jalan alone.haha. okay so,hm im bored and im going to play the sims.so byee (: