Tuesday, February 23, 2010

hello. Assalamualaikum

haha. okay so yeah last night i went to star with my sister.hahahhahaha. at first we wanted to buy apa namanya char kuey teow haha if im not mistaken,but then i wanted to shishaaaa. lol.

so yeah i shisha-ed. ok lol. it was stupid -.- memalukan. haha no,i was like mcm pening kepala kan so then my sister nk blik masa tgh pening kepala tahi kau. haha.

so i cant barely walk! hahahahahahha. stupiiiiidddd, haha maluuuuuuuu -.- ok haha so mcm high bila balik rumah. ok setuupiiiddd. ok hahaahhahahaha.

i wanted to go out with aida afiqah toddaay to garden, haha but mcm my frnds tk boleh prgi so we canceled our plan.

so yeah,its 3.30 now and i havent took my bath yet. omg.im still wearing my kain sekolah. haha.so bye,nak mandi. ;D

hm i decided to write about everything that happened last week. haha

okay so my family and i went to pd.it was okay i guess. fun. ok. hm nothing interesting hppened. i took lots of picture but yeah im too lazy nk upload. hehe

okay whatever so on friday,went to uone.played futsal. it was fun,thnks shakilala (: haha.
oh there were this guy and ohmygod he was fucking annoying. yes,FUCKING ANNOYING haha but well anis likes him a lot :P

so theree wereee shakila,azmina,me,anis,niena,hazzwani,inna,nabihah,iylia and her sister ,yasmin,aida,aqbar, amir,aqmarur,hakiimi,faris,muhammad and his friend,hilman. thats all je kan if im not mistaken? haha it was fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun :)

will upload the pictures in the next post!

Monday, February 22, 2010

srry hehehe.
okay so yeah. im toooo lazy to update this blog lol.
okay so,

oh oh oh,meet my new boyf !
oh oh but still ed westwick is my husband so heh cam is my boyfriend. ;p

omg,you're so hot. im addicted to yoooooooou.haha wtf. you'reeee sooo cuteeee!

omg omg,look at his eyes ! and his cute baby face! ;p

omg omg,his bodddyyyy *meltsomg omg omg,i loveeeeeeee you! omg ,i know he is the hottest guy ever and his mine! oh and ed,you're the hottest guy too ;p

BACK OFF BITCHES,HIS MINE! muahahahhaha ;p

p/s : i know im crazeeeeehhhhhhhh

Saturday, February 13, 2010


hm so yesterday i woke up at uh around 9.30.
called shakila yadayadayada and then took my bath,my sister sent me and shakila to sunway.
met aida afiqah and emil. hahahahaha.walk with aida and shakila.
met attierah and her sister.

met shakila's cousin. hahhaha. and then we went to burger king.
aida,attierah and her sister tgk movie but me and shakila malas so kterang jalan jalan.
met khysha at around 2.
went to forever 21.met syasya and intan. hugged her.

hahaha. and then met aqbar and his friends.
and then khysha went home at around 3.
ate baskin robbins,
took pictures at photobooth!

yadayada yada,met aqbar again. haha shakila belanja dia baju. lol
hahaha at around 5.30 my sister ambik and then we went home.

oh read shakila blog kalau nak tahu what happened -.- * www.sharklalat.blogspot.com

and then went to the park.khysha came. shakila went home and then abu and aqmarur came.
and then we went home.

(hahahah gambar lama kan?)


you're getting older. Anyway, Happy Birthday!

I was trying to think of what to get you for your birthday but nothing came to mind. hehe
You're not old until you can't read this writing anymore.

Happy birthday to you You live in a zoo You look like a monkey And you smell like one too

ok hm,to my dearest friend shakila, (ceh)

happy birthday,may all your wishes come true. thnk you for everything. thnk you! and im sorry for everything i know i ada byk buat salah. haha you're a great friend,thnks. oh and i know that you know ed weswick is hotter than top,just admit it. haha.

okay i love you. haha.


Friday, February 12, 2010


hi went to school today.
niena brought a cake because it's shakila's birthday haha well not today,tomorrow actually but we celebrated her birthday today. the cake,its soooooo fucking delicious! serioussssssly!!

went to school,yasin.geo oh and maths,pn yeoh i think she's so nice actually kan? lol ok whatever.oh during scince we learned about chapter 4 again,female reproductive system. eh for me,its quite disgusting. haaha

oh btw,at around 2.30? niena and shakila came to my house. we walked to school. cat kelas.
omg,the paint kan,mcm sooo pretty. seriously,tgklah sapa yg pilihkan? *wink

it was okay,we talked a lot. i yang pling rajin buat kerja ;p lol
okay so yeah,it was okay. i saw that hot guyyy. awww ain,he's mine! hahahaha
okay so,we painted our class in uh green? blue? haha idk.

haha so around 6,when out, lepak dkt padang with khysha,niena and aida.
it was fun. haha and then i saw ****** so i went back home. khysha sent me home.hahha

okay ahaha went bck home,took my bath. went to tuition.
matin said hi,hahahahah. and then he sat with this guy. oh and during tuition,i was busy texting with shazwan and fatin,the maths teacher saw and said 'oh sms' with a very gay voice. seriously. so that guy was like ejek ejek the cikgu. lol. matin too . and then fatin came! wooo

she's very pretty haahahhaha,fatin pki make-up just mcm nk nmpk cantik infront of that guy. hahahhaahhhahaha. oh fatin,gelang you kat i. haahha
the science's teache didnt come so me and fatin talkes a lot lah kan? i didnt do my work and fatin was like 'nayli buat kerja lah' and then she sat at the back lol. the boys pun cakap je. expect for kimberly lol. fatin was like so funny. seriously,kterang gelak je sepanjag masa. haaha lol

btw,HAPPY BIRHTDAY SHAKILAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. will post a special post for you tomorow. haha

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

poker face!

hellooowwzzz :)

hi hahhahahahha

btw,happy birthday wahai sahabatku afif ridhwan. haha wtf? lol

btw,yesterday khysha and i walked to taipan but suddenly we saw somebody,hehe so we went to mamak bistro eh? kat usj 9 tu. haha

so at 6? met khysha at the park. and then we walked ,met abu and aqmarur :)
walked with abu,aqmarur and khsya. blablabla nothing much hppened

lol btw thnks shakila,she printed for me,gmbr ed westwick. omg so hot.
hahah ;p

oh today,shkila was like er weird? no no,shkila ckp bahasa india. hahhaha
mcmni 'ilek lalal ingge'okay haha

btw yestrday,i received a phone call:

him: yo nayli baby.
me: er hello?
him: turn on the radio yo

*i turned on the radio oh ada lagu ni :

*i love you,iiiii need you.NAYLI iiii love you,i do need yoou.oh no matter what i do,oh all i think about is you etc etc*

me: hahahhaahha
him: do you like it girl?
me: hahhaha
him: i love ya,we have the same name yo. this is nelly!
me: oh hi nelly :)
him: hahhaa,yo im busy. bye. i love ya baby. i dedicated this song for you my girl!
me: hahha okay bye (:

hahahah,wtf. hHAHHHAHA
btw,this is nelly : :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

hiiii,hellooooo hihi

lol so yesterday i went to pahang,haha balik kmpung. so i didnt go to school lah :( baru nak belajar chapter 4,science :( hhehe

awwww,pelik tak? last year,i was like soo lazy nak pergi sekolah but this year,im sooo happy,excited,rajin nak pergi sekolah.hahha maybe because ada *ehem ehem* lol oh and semangat nk belajar PMR,hahah poyo but i think this year mcm best hehehe. lol

okay so today,woke up at 6.hari ahad bangun pukul 6 ahaha,oh yesterday i slept at my mum's room.hahahha lol. okay so yeah woke up at 6.30 actually ahhahha.took my baths,shakila came to my house around 7.10,oh omg,you know i was like mcm trying nk bukak kunci kat pagar because i terbengkok kan kunci tubut suddenly kunci tu patah -.- so i cant open thegate and yeah,i have to mcm panjat pagar tu -.- wattafak sial.aha bytheway,shakila peniru gila oh. dia pakai baju color purple,nak sama juga -.- and seluar kterang kan,nak sama juga 0.0 and our shorts,sama color juga 0.0 hahaha shakila tak nak mengaku yg dia suka tiru saya. ahaha wtf

so shakila's mum sent us to mpsj,met niena there!and then we ran oh more like mcm jogging. hahha there were like macam ramai makcik and pakcik buat senamrobik haha and this guy was like so funny! okay stop nayli,takbaik kutuk orang. haahhahahahahha

okay so we went to taipan for breakfast,well actually me and shakila went to taipan because niena met muhammad at mpsj so niena nak teman dia.so i walked with shakila to taipan,ate at mcd and then niena called,suruh pergi mpsj. panas oooh

aha so me and shakila went back to mpsj,met hilman and muhammad there.omg,shakila i nak bunuh you sial.ahaahha walked with hilman.awkwaarrrdddd.hahahaha,i was like so shy.ahaha whathefuck.so then,me,shakila,niena,muhammad and hilman went to taipan and then we went to secret recipe.drank water and then muhammad and hilman went backhome.eh muhammad comel oh.hahahahaahha.

so at around 12,went back home
took my bath,it took almost 2 hours for me sial nak caribaju,ahahaha.so niena took me around 2, haaha and fuck i have to panjat the gate again but yeah im wearing skirt kan,bayangkan sial kena panjat pagar pki skirt -.- hahahahahah and then we went to sunway.

hahaha,sunway we waited for hariz and suddenly ada orang pulled my beanie and i turned back it was hariz syahmi. lol. so we walked and then we went to burger king. hm,i ordered an icecream but then i buang the icecream hehehe,tak sedapt lah icecream burger king ;p haaahaaa membazir betulla laahhhh ;p

and theeeeeeeen we dont know nak buat apa,hehehh so hariz ajak main iceskating,heheh

it was fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun. lama gila dah kot tak pergi main iceskating kan kan -.- hariz you pandai oh main. oh and luckily main iceskating tak jatuh -.- fuck,nasib baaik tak jatuh sbb pki skirt kan. hahahaha. ada orang tu jattuuu oh ;p oh and niena was like mcm so gay,she took my hand,and we were like mcm skate together awwwww so sweet. she hugged me and said 'i sayaaaaaang you' hahahhahahahaaaaa.

and then went to baskin robbins,we wanted to watch a movie but then i kena blik before maghrib,anak yang solehah lah katakan ;p haha so we ate icecreams,we talked a lot. heeh but except for hariz,dia mcm pendiam. hahaahahahaha. eh hariz,ada orang kata gigi you cantttiiikkk ;p so i have to go back kan,went back with niena,around 6.30 kot. hahaha well i had fun kan kan kan niena? hahaha so thnks niena,thnks hariz :)

hahaa oh i cant wait to go to school tomorrowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

hehehehe,well esok tkde maths and geo!! ehehe,cant wait to go to schoooool * wink wink wink

hehehehhehehehehehheehhe hahahaha

oh bythewaaaaaaaaaaaaay, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMOIIII <3

happy birthday my dear,er hahahha. thnks for everything,seriously you sentiasa tolong i ;')

hahaha,i love you bagaikan besarnya dunia ini,begitulah besarnya cinta saya terhadap you. heheh gay. semoga dipanjangkan umur,dimurah rezeki,semoga anda mendapat anak cucu dan cicit yang comel comel belaka.aaha love you gila.


Thursday, February 4, 2010


*ed westwick is hotter than top shkila ;p