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Thursday, December 24, 2009

srry didnt updte ze blog,

btw hi.
did nothing much,boring.

bytheway,i went to ac was fun.
in the morning,i went to the school to buy books then met aqbar at the park,
went home,called anis,she came to my house,took nbbh at her house and then went to ac.

met aqbar,aqmarur and ikmal there,
so we played foosball.We played a lot of foosball. A LOT. haha

so we played pool pulak,hey i just wanna try okay. but i sucks in playing pool.a lot.
-_- it was so embarassing. everyone around us were playing like we played foosball again.,it was fun.

so we went downstairs,anis bought this uh fruits from her boyfrnd,yes her boyfrnd jual buah. ahahah

so aqbar and his frnds went home,so we went to mcd. and ohmaigoooooddd,the employees were like sooooooooooo ******** .hahhaa. they were like stupidumbass tau tak.

so we went back to my mum picked us up at 6. sent nbhah home and went to the park with anis. oh then it started to rain. so we walked to my house in the heavy rain.seriously. we were like mcm so wet. haha then anis went home.

so today,i went to midvalley with my family.

okay bye. haahhaa.

bytheway,congrats to whoever yg ambik pmr results! :D

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

hey girls. haha

my life is like mcm soo bored.
so i went to sunway again yesterday with babysha and sadiq to watch the princess and the frog.

so we arrived at sunway around 3. so and then we watched the movie at 3.10

the movie was boring. yes boring. semua orang in the cinema was laughing like hell but for me,the movie was like mcm sooooo boring.

so then,we ate at burger king. yadaydaydadya jalan jalan bought this strawberry thingy and at almost 6 balik lah.

hm :)

oh and sorry nina,seriously nk ikut korg prgi sunway today.
kirim salam kat azian,azzuq,sufian and haziq ye :D hahha

well,today my rumah blackout for almost 5 hours -.-
so my mum called the tnb punya orang,so yeah dah okay.

i wanted to follow my mum,nk byr my kitten's punya money.
but yeah,masalah pula timbul. watafak so i cnt go today.

haih,i really want a kitten.seriously. seriously.seriously bye

Monday, December 14, 2009

hi semua. haha

okay hiiiiii,cuti ni like mcm soooooooooooooo boring
so i decided to go out with my beloved friends :D awww haha
so walaupun anis,niena,nabihah,khaysha & azmina cant go, im still going to sunway with shakila
so yeah, went to sunway arounnddd 12.30? haha
we were like so hungry so we ate at burger king.
we talked a lot yes,hahaha and we laughed a lot.


oh jap then we went to topshop kan dulu? then didnt bought anything there
and then kitschen,i bought a blouse. :)
then forever 21,tak beli apa apa
blablabla,masuk sini masuk sana and tak beli apa apa. heh

hahah yadayadayada,we went to this pet shop. we were like so excited because shakila will get a persian kitten and so do i. i bought the persian kitten sendiri tau,my own money hahah

so we bought this cat's collar.
the collar mcm soo cute.
wait a found a picture yg collar dia hmpir sama dgn locengnya aww.

sama lah mcamtu but except takde 'ancol' hhahahah

so yeah we went to baskin i miss starbucks :( hahahhahahhaha sooo,called my mum and we went home around 5.

hehhehe thnks shkila,i had so much fun. :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

guess what bitches! im baaaccckkkkkkkkkkkkk :) hihi

so yeah,i know kan you guys semua rindu i. okay watafak lol.

haha. so yeah i went to penang,kedah and thailand.woah sawadikkap. lol

omg,kepala sangat pening duduk dlm kerete,okay and we were bored. so we took pictures like mcm banyak gila in the car.

ni baru satu haha,
okay so we went to penang mula mula.

so yeah,it was fun. we were like soo excited bila sampai hotel sebab dah lama sgt duduk in the car,sampai sampai je terus angkat gambar,

haha banyak lagi gmbr but too lazy nk upload. haha babysha big bos.haha
okay so,the hotel was okay.

so on the second day,we went to bukit bendera and snake temple.
oh man,snake temple was okay. i love snakes so yeah.

i touched the snake yeah. sungguh besar ular tu. seriously.

*snake temple
bukit bendera was great. oh man,naik train ni smpi atas mountain tu kan mcm 702 something something tah lah.

haha,memang sangat menakutkan. okay but bila sampai dkt puncak tu it was amazing. the view was amazing. i can see everything,the penang bridge,hotels and all. it was amazing and it was a lil bit cold up there. but yeah,it was amazing. oh yeah, the houses up there,mcm cantik gila. really it was amazing. okay so so yeah. AMAZINGGG.

*srry gambr sikit,malas nk upload.

so we ate nasi kandar at night,penang kan famous nasi kandar so we want to try it and i dont like it. hahahaha. she lah suka sangat. hahha lol.
okay so we went to KEDAH. my uncle punya anak ada majlis sunat haha,so yeah.
i dont even know my cousin sgt because they're staying in brunei, tak selalu jumpa. so yeah,bila jumpa my cousin yg baby baby ni sgt comel terus suka. haha.

omg,she's sooo cute. sumpah comel gila.
haha so we went fishing.

ni semua ikan i dapat, i got 8 fishes.
haha taklah,i tak pancing pun my dad yg dpt smua ikan ini. hahahaha
oh and my aunt ada masa this thing masakan pakistan 'gosales' lupalah -.- it was like mcm soooooooooooooooooooooo good. sedap sgt.
haha we stayed at holiday villa,it was fun.
we went swimming and tak ramai orang so we took so many crazy pictures.

haha so me and qis went to the gym. haih penat gila. haha. in the gym pun we took so many pictures.


haha and thailand here we come. but we went there just for one day. so yeah.

hahahahhahahahah goodbye

Friday, December 4, 2009

away for a week :)
will update soon,bye :D

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

oh oh oh its magic

meet my other boyfriend -

haha , i know. look at his body. lol.

hahaha so yesterday went to the park with shakila and khaysha like usuaalll, hahaha. went to the park around 6? met khaysha and aqbar. so we walked till 18. yadayadayada. saw many dogs so shkila was like freaked out. haha. i thought she was crying. we walked and walked and then i saw a big dog kan, so i told shakila. then there's an icecream man kan, then shakila was like jerit jerit 'STOP STOP STOP' hahahaha. and then the ice cream man laughed ahahaha. hahaha,it was like so funny. and then we walked and shakila was like mcm nk pengsan tau. at last,we reached at the usj 13's park. main swing,and then yadayada,aqbar came. hahaha. so at 7 mcmtu we went home. hahahhaahahahahahahahahha. okay bye :D