Saturday, February 13, 2010


hm so yesterday i woke up at uh around 9.30.
called shakila yadayadayada and then took my bath,my sister sent me and shakila to sunway.
met aida afiqah and emil. hahahahaha.walk with aida and shakila.
met attierah and her sister.

met shakila's cousin. hahhaha. and then we went to burger king.
aida,attierah and her sister tgk movie but me and shakila malas so kterang jalan jalan.
met khysha at around 2.
went to forever 21.met syasya and intan. hugged her.

hahaha. and then met aqbar and his friends.
and then khysha went home at around 3.
ate baskin robbins,
took pictures at photobooth!

yadayada yada,met aqbar again. haha shakila belanja dia baju. lol
hahaha at around 5.30 my sister ambik and then we went home.

oh read shakila blog kalau nak tahu what happened -.- *

and then went to the park.khysha came. shakila went home and then abu and aqmarur came.
and then we went home.


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