Sunday, March 7, 2010


exam was okay i guess. english was easy. history was not ok. lol yeslah tak baca langsung for sejarah. hahaha.

yesterday was fun. went out cycling with khysha. it was fun. at 5.30 we saw shakila. haha. and then met nabihah. and then hujan we sat under this pondok at usj 18. aqbar,aqmarur and abu sat with us. we talked a lot. ish i was shy? no not really i was a little bit macam malu sbb aqbar cant stop teasing me. -___- ok so still hujan,at 7 we went back home.we walked in the rain. it was fuuun !! haha. well tomorrow is monday,exam bm and agama. wish me luck! ;)

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mohazha said...

skung nie mane2 pun mg ngah bz exm