Wednesday, March 3, 2010

saturday - went to taipan with niena. garden. we talked a lot. this pondan guy came to us and asked niena to take his pictures. lol stupid. it was very funny okay. hahahahahhaha

sunday - did nothing. p/s : fuck,it hurts a lot okay.

monday - wooo,school (: i love school .okay now it is not because ada that guy, im starting to hate that guy. ish stupid. okay woooooooo,they didnt bring the class key! woo and all my books were inside my classroom! lol. okay first subject,bm, pn sharifah asked us to go to laluan bestari. hahaha. it was okay lol. and then maths,uggh i hate you teacher. she asked us to go bilik APD which in the fourth floor and then turun balik and then naik atas sekali. she scolded us pulak tu. most of them tk bwk buku haha. okay and then sej semua cikgu tak datang it was fun. haha.

accept for agama,ustazah came. i dont really like her. lol.

tuesday- nothing much happened. went to the park with aida. talked with her for hours. i told her everything.haha. it was okay.

wednesday which is today - it was fun! haha nothing much happened at school. except for pjk it was FUUN. haha seriouly,we played baseball ke apa tah haha and it was fun.the first time i tried,and i dpt apa tu home run? haha :D exam is on friday.fuck . i tak belajar langsung lagi okay. and oh pmr. shitttt. i hatee exams. siapa suka? hahahaha. ok so khysha came to my house at 4.30 was fun. i had fun. lol.we went to usj 18 and race. eh i mean,lumba basikal. hahaha. oh and guess what? i wooonn :D hahahhaaha lol.the at 5,we went to the park. met niena and shakila. went to 7E. went to 13,met abu and aqmarur.blabla and then we cycled lol. and then we went to the park. shakila borrowed aqmarur's bike. heck yeah it was fun! :)

well i had fun. hahaha. so then i went back home at 7. and now here i am. hahaha

p/s : eeeee i hate you

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